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Getting started

What Capital Can I Get As A Blue Hedge Capital Evaluation Trader?

You can start with a 10k, 25K, 50K, 100K, 200K or 500k balance. You may apply if you wish to trade with a higher balance account. Blue Hedge Capital will scale up your account balance if you’re consistent with your strategy and risk management.

Am I Responsible For The Loss On The Account?

No. Blue Hedge Capital’s goal is to make sure you can trade freely. To ease your pressure, we’ll take responsibility for the loss.

What Is Your Leverage?

For both of our Blue Hedge Capital models, you will get 1:100 leverage.

What Is Your Server Time?

During daylight saving, the server time of Blue Hedge Capital is GMT +3 and during rest of the year it is GMT +2

Will I Be Able To Trade On Trading View And Link My Blue Hedge Capital Account?

Trading View can be used for analysis purposes, but it is not a platform for executing trades.

What Happens If I Took A Break And Do Not Trade For Some Time?

If you need to take a break and pause your account for a period of time, you can do so without worrying about your account being deleted. However, it is important to inform us beforehand, as failing to do so will be considered a violation.


How Do I Withdraw My Profits?

Profit withdrawal is just one click away. Make sure you’re in profit at the end of the trading cycle & send a withdrawal request from your Dashboard area. We’ll ensure the fastest disbursement of your profit part from our end.

You can use the following to withdraw your profit: Cryptocurrency (USDC ERC20 , Deel , PayPal, Wise)

What Is The Process Of Profit Withdrawal?

Your profit withdrawal process is really straightforward. When you are eligible for a withdrawal, you only need to click the profit withdrawal button on your dashboard and we will disburse the profit in your mentioned wallet without any hassle.

Who Will Pay Tax On My Profit?

You will have to pay your own taxes based on your country’s tax policy.

How Often Will I Be Paid?

In the challenge model, you will receive the first profit share after four trading weeks(monthly); from the second payout onwards, you will receive profit shares every two trading weeks (14 days). You can simply request a payout withdrawal from your client dashboard.

Trading Platform

Am I Allowed To Merge My Accounts In Blue Hedge Capital?

Yes, you can merge up to $2 millions of your real account under the conditions listed below.

-If there is any trade running or in the middle of the trading cycle, it’s not allowed to merge. To merge, ensure that there are no open trades and that your account’s trading cycle is complete. Any account with a negative balance cannot be merged.

-If you want to merge with any scale-up eligible account, a lower payout will be applicable. For example, if one account is at 90% profit share and another is at 50%, then your default payout will be 50% after merging.

-To apply for scale-up, you must meet all scale-up criteria after merging.

Which Platforms Can I Use For My Trading?

You are permitted to trade your Blue Hedge Capital account with the most well-known MT4 platform .

Can I Change My MT4 Password?

You are not allowed to change your MT4 Master Password.

What Is The Spread/commission Of The Trading Account?

You will receive the lowest spread possible, lower than usual ECN accounts.

Can I Trade On My Mobile?

Yes. You’re allowed to use your Mobile phone.

Can I Share My Trading Account’s Password With Anyone?

As we evaluate your trading skills, you are solely responsible for your trading account and are not allowed to share your password. Sharing your password with someone means you give access to your account to that person to trade, which is not permitted.

If you share your password with another, it will violate our terms of service.

Can I Trade Using MT5?

Currently, this is not available. But do not worry, our team is working to introduce more trading platforms including MT5. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for the latest updates

What Is An Investor Password And What Is Its Purpose?

It is a read only password. MT4 can have two kinds of password. One is a trading password/master password and another one is Investor password. By logging in through an investor password, one can check the trading activities of MT4 but cannot take action in the platform.

Generally, when someone wants to share their trading activities, they use an investor password to do that. Besides this, trading accounts can be connected to MYFXbook or FXBlue website by using the investor password. (In MyFXBook and FXBlue, trading activities are shown with graphs and charts)


May I Start Again If I Violate Any Rules?

Yes. The forex market is uncertain even with the best strategy. So we’ll make sure you get enough chances.

Which Instruments Can I Trade?

We do not impose any limits on instruments on positions sizes on your trades. You can trade all the instruments and assets that are available in the MT4 (Forex Currency/Raw Feed. Indices, Commodities). A list of the symbols is given below :

Currency Pair List:


Indices and Commodities:

FRA40.i, EUSTX50.i, JPN225.i, NDX100.i, SPX500.i, UK100.i, US2000.i, VIX.i, AUS200.i, GER30.i, HK50.i, US30.i, UKOUSD, USOUSD, XAUUSD, XAGUSD

Do You Allow EA’s/Indicator?

EA and Indicators are allowed. This includes Trade copiers, Tools for managing risk, and Auto Trading bots. You can also use third-party EA as well.  All you need to do is verify the EA before using it on your real account.

Yes, we accept HFT for Phase 1 and two ONLY.

– Copy trading from your account is allowed, but you are not allowed to copy from others, and a similar trade from someone else will be considered a violation of the rules.

Is Hedging Allowed?

Yes, hedging is allowed.

However, hedging using multiple accounts is not allowed as it does not reflect a proper trading strategy. For example, if you have two accounts, you are not allowed to place hedged entries between them.

Do You Have A Scale-up Plan?

Yes, we do!

The scaling plan is available to traders who will be consistent throughout the time and does not violate any of the rules. The requirements to be eligible for the scaling plan are as follows:

You must meet at least 10% account growth in four consecutive months in a real account. In these four successive months, you need to make a minimum of two payouts, and your last month should end in a profit.

Eligible traders will get 40% account balance increase of up to 4 million.

Is It Mandatory To Use Stop Loss For All Trades?

There is no restriction on using stop-loss (SL) on your every trade, so you are free to trade without using it.

Is There A Minimum / Maximum Lot Size?

There are no lot size restrictions on Blue Hedge Capital. You are free to trade using whichever lot size you prefer.

How Do You Calculate Overall Drawdown?

You can have an overall maximum loss limit of 10% of your initial account balance. Thus, your account balance or equity can’t go below 90% of the initial balance at any time during your whole trading journey. It implies that your account balance or equity should always be over 90% of the initial balance to avoid rule violations.

For example, for a 100k account, your maximum loss limit is $10k. So, as long as your balance/equity (whichever is lower) is over 90k, you will not violate the overall drawdown.

Do note that overall drawdown does not get reset like daily drawdown.

How Do You Calculate Daily Drawdown?

The daily drawdown is 5% of your initial account balance, and this is for all subscriptions. This implies that this number should not exceed 5% of your initial account balance on that specific day.

For example, if you have a $100,000 account, the maximum daily loss limit is $5,000, and you are not allowed to lose more than $5,000 on any given day. Suppose you have lost a total of $3000 in your closed trades. In such a case, you cannot lose more than $2000, including floating losses. Note that swap and commission rates are included in this calculation. It will be considered a violation if you lose more than $2,000.

Similarly, let’s say you gained $5,000 in profit in a single day. In such case, you will be allowed to lose $5,000 (your profit) + $5,000 (your daily loss limit) = $10,000. Loosing more than $10,000 (in both open and closed positions) will be considered a violation.

Let’s look at another case. Assume, like in the previous scenario, that you lost $3000 in a single day. Then you take a trade that is now running at a floating loss of -$2500, but when you close it, it becomes positive $500. If this occurs, according to our calculations, you will have exceeded your daily loss limit the instant your loss exceeds $5000.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your daily loss limit will be reset at midnight according to the server time. For example, suppose you have gained a $2000 profit in a closed trade, and a trade is currently running at a $6,000 floating loss. In this case, you still have not violated your daily drawdown for the day because your current daily loss is +$2000 – $6000= -$4000. However, if you hold this one trade with a floating loss of $6,000 after midnight, you will breach the daily loss limit because a new day begins after midnight, and you have already lost $6000, which is more than your daily loss limit of $5000.

Can I Trade From Multiple IP Addresses?

We recommend not to. If you are trading from a different location or using VPS, you need to show proof to your account manager.

Blue Hedge Capital

Do You Have Any Country Restrictions?

No. There is no limit with Blue Hedge Capital. However, it’s recommended to know your local regulations if there are any.

Is Blue Hedge Capital Regulated?

We do not hold clients’ money or trade for the public or are not brokers. Thus, we don’t need to be regulated. Our ASIC-regulated broker, holds all our traders’ Blue Hedge Capital accounts. But we are a registered company.

Where Are You Located?

Blue Hedge Capital is an international proprietary platform with registered and operational offices in Canada Blue Hedge Capital Headquarters :

The United Arab Emirates

Office No. 7, AI Robotics HUB, C1 Building, AFZ, Ajman, UAE

Do You Have An Affiliate Scheme?

Yes. Every new and organic trader who joins us through your unique link will earn you a reward. Our affiliate reward percentages are as below:

1. Affiliate- For the first 30 references of each subscriber, you will get a 10% commission for each referral.

2. Super Affiliate- Refer more than 30+ subscribers to become a super affiliate and start getting 15% commission for each referral.

Will I Get Any Certificate?

Yes, Blue Hedge Capital values your trading skills and talents, and to acknowledge your achievements, you will receive certificates from Blue Hedge Capital.

For Challenge model:  You will receive the certificate after completing phase 2 of the challenge.

Difference Between The Suffix And Non-suffix Pairs?

The suffix .i pairs are provided to you so that you can enjoy the lowest spread possible, which other pairs

do not have. So, we specifically implemented these instruments for you so that you can trade to the best.

of your capacity.

Does My Trading Cycle Start When I Take My First Trade?

Your trading cycle begins when you make your first trade, not when your account is activated. For example, if you receive your account on a Sunday and make your first trade on a Wednesday, your trading cycle will start on Wednesday, not on Sunday.